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early Houston works, 1981-1989, sound
selected sound performances, concerts, installations at Lawndale, University of Houston, early 1980's
A Concert - New Music Forum of Houston, 1984, DiverseWorks
A Concert - New Music Forum of Houston
1984, DiverseWorks
live performance broadcast on 
KPFT 90.1 FM radio
 excerpt  - 3:46
performance review
Public News, 1984
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New Sound Works, DiverseWorks, 1985
selected various sound presentations, programs, early 1980's
Mike's Open Mike, New Music America 1986
selected music scores
Destruction Symphony #1 for the Buffalo Bayou
music_bayou_01 copy.jpg
Destruction Symphony #1 for the Buffalo Bayou
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selected sound works
The Analytic of the Aesthetic Judgement by Immanuael Kant - Six Phases, Second Development 
1981, excerpt
Immanuel Kant's "Critique of Judgement" read by Robert Poindexter. Voice processed through vocorder and synthesizer. Recorded in the sound studio of John Shoemaker, Odessa, Texas
Compressed Merle Haggard
1983. excerpt
1982, excerpt
The entire song "My Woman Loves the Devil Out of Me" is compressed into.3 seconds.
Excerpt from sound installation of six tape players installed at the Blaffer Gallery courtyard, University of Houston.
Title derived by combining the words "blow" and "break" which is what was done with glass for the sound. Music for scientific glass tube (Bert Samples), breaking fluorescent tubes (Jack Massing) and tape.  Recorded in the 3rd exhibition bay, Lawndale Annex.
Four Sound Seconds (x 2 x 4)
1984, :37
29.734048, -95.303313, 12:10 PM, 10/1/84
How To Listen To Music
1981, excerpt
AT&T and Me
1983, excerpt
I, Orbiting
1984, excerpt
1983, excerpt
Multitracked voice of the host of a late night call-in AM radio show originating from California.
Music for Vic-20 computer as keyboard, recorded messages from AT&T operator, The tones are the numbers 9216185 played on the computer.  The numbers were my phone number.
Music for plastic tube, Casio VL-1, found NASA tapes.  The tones are the numbers 9216185 played on the computer.  Sound for "The Vernal Transaction," a simultaneous performance with Ken Gray from Alaska celebrating the vernal equinox. Performed at Lawndale Annex.
Music for saxophone and tape.  Saxophone  by Don LeBlanc. Performed at Lawndale Annex. Title by Don LeBlanc references his inability to play the saxophone "correctly."
Massa-Massa Turba-Turbah Boppa-Boppa Bah-Bah
1982, excerpt
Voice chanting by Bert Samples.  Voice manipulated by tape echoes and sound on sound technique.
Operation No. 1
Recording of the sound operations of a VIC-20 computer using random number generators. Tones, pitch, sound, length determined by the computer.
Information Sutra
1984, excerpt
Computer generated voice reading from the Buddhist "Heart Sutra" with cliché chant.
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